Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Goats & Bikes Update #3

(Monday a.m. PST)
Had a great day today went to the home of Pastor Jack and Pastor Cosmas and saw the property where they will be caring for the livestock. We made arrangements with the foondies "construction workers" to build the small barns for the animals.We got the septic started today and will be traveling this week to Eldoret to inspect and purchase livestock and have it delivered to Jack,Cosmas, Alex and Boaz. We also started a small building on Boaz's property that will be a small store that will be very fruitful in this area. It will have grains,beans,sugar,sodas and other staples that the local can purchase and not have to travel to Awasai. Jerry preached at Boaz's church yesterday and I was blown away by the teaching. The funeral for Boaz's brother in law is friday and we will be traveling to the region where they are from. Please also pray for pastor Joseph Okello his sister Rhoda who was training midwifes on the first kenya trip lost her daughter to aids on Sunday...we are doing good and have had to make some changes but we are being good stewards of the funds entrusted to us to accomplish the mission and vision we came to do............Shane

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