Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Goats & Bikes Update #1

 Everything is going good we had a meeting with the pastors whose property we will be using and went over our goals and purpose for what we are doing. Boaz's son Ben has a business degree and will be helping the men understand small business concepts and also make sure that they are learning how to save money for incidentals and solve any problems that they might have. We also assured them that our goal was to see them succeed and be able to help others as they prosper. On another note Boaz's brother in law was murdered by thugs on the evening we arrived and so please pray for him and his sister. The house has many friends and relatives here during this time as thry grieve and prepare for the funeral.Tomorrow we will be traveling to the different pastors homes to check the property so that we know it will be able to support the livestock.............Shane

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  1. Sounds like you're living Ephesians 6 warfare. Praying for our Lord to comfort those who grieve, and bring much fruit from your efforts. Oh, Jerry, I fully expect you to pick up some good African "one-liners." Take care brothers, and stay close to Him.