Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grand Finale

Where to start.....We had dinner in the house with most of the Omugah family and for the first time we caught a glimpse of what dinner looks like when they gather for a meal. As we sat down the kids started coming and coming and coming and we wondered when the flow of children would stop. As I looked into one corner of the room there was about fifteen children that looked as if they were from five to ten years old and I thought about how beautiful it was that they had a family. That's what makes this so unique is that Boaz and Helen are mama and papa to these kids. Then there was all the young teens and next to them the older teens and a group of young adults with their babies who all stay at the house. I tried to imagine what it was like to be in this new home with a bedroom that was as big as the old house. Pastor Boaz now has his own room with a door,closet,bathroom that includes a shower and sit down toilet.

That's right he used to have to walk through the mud to the out door pit toilet which is just a hole in the ground that is used by all the school kids. The girls and boys rooms also have there own bathrooms with the same luxuries.

I looked at Boaz and Helen's room today and it consists of a small bed in the kitchen/store room with a sheet hung up for privacy. Could you imagine the lack of privacy when this is where the refrigerator and all the food is with all those kids prowling around. They now have the bedroom in the back of the house with a door that LOCKS and a small room that can be used for a study plus the bedroom!! The dinner was a feast with lots of prayer,worship,testimonies and thanking the Lord for what He has done. The Omugah family says they really do not have words to thank the Touchstone family for this blessing that they could have never have imagined being done for them. They send their love and greetings. It brought tears to my eyes as looked at what the Lord had done for this family and that we as a church were able to be a part this blessing. We also want to thank all our family friends who helped us with their gifts and support. There were many people who do not go to Touchstone who helped make it possible for Rick and I to afford to travel and be here. So we will be home soon and we are signing out...

Ero kamano (thank you) Your brother in Christ, Shane

The new kitchen. There is a sink and a faucet (cold water only) on the countertop and cabinets will be underneath.

This is a view of the main room, which divides the girls and the boys rooms. The sink in the corner is for washing hands before eating (sinks such as these are common even in Kenyan restaurants.)

Dinner at the Omugah's...Mama Helen is in the front (in red) serving the gang.

Another chicken dies for of several that day. The chickens were offered to us fried, stewed and roasted. I think we also had goat, but I've learned not to ask what dishes are made of...for my own enjoyment of the meal.

Cooking chapti...kenyan tortillas.

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