Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cho nears completion

The Kanyipola Baptist Church cho is nearly completed. Today we brought paint to the site for a some final touch up work. Monday the two pastors and some of the church members gathered to dedicate the new, but still uncompleted, structure. I know it might be hard for you to understand why the congregation is so excited about a new "outhouse"....but this might explain it...

This is Pastor Joesph in front of the old cho.

...and this is Pastor Joesph standing behind the new cho. At first you will notice the new one will be much more comfortable to use in bad weather.

Here are some of the church members praying over the new facility (the doors hadn't been installed yet.) To the right of Shane are Pastors David and Joesph. This simple addition to the church grounds will allow the church to have a preschool. It will also make the farmer who owns the field next door happier.

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  1. It's almost always a good thing when the neighbors are happy. Frankly, this cho, even without doors, is infinitely superior to such facilities I encountered in the mountainous regions of Provenance, France. So, Kenya and the Kenya-mellican compadres win my first place cho prize vote. GBY - France