Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh yeah, the house....

It's not that we forgot, but we have been all over this region (including a 30 minute trip into Tanzania) and have seen and done many things. To be honest the house project is pretty much taking care of itself...with some occasional intervention on our part. We have consulted on changes such as the roof style, which is now more appropriate for the Kenya weather then as we planned it. Which is to say it is good we are here.

The home is progressing well, but it will not be complete when we leave tomorrow. However, besides the exterior plaster work, all the big tasks are done. So here you see the house as of Sunday afternoon. A little paint and a little plaster and she'll be done.

There will be a dedication of the new house tonight as we take dinner in the new home...more on that later.


  1. Wonderful! I've enjoyed every image, every word. Thank you for sharing your precious time and talent with us. It's great to be on the prayer detail and Glorious! to feel your posts 'n pixs. As we say in CA - Via con Dios, mi amigos.

    Yes, yes, Spaulding is driving us in his baby hummer so you two large ones (to say nothing of your non-ballerina luggage) won't have to fit in my tiny Mustang. By the way - a word to the wise - Hailey Spaulding will be celebrating her 10 year old (almost a grown-up) birthday on February 16, 2011 . Ahem ...

  2. p.s. I also grin each time your blogmeister tells me "Your comment was published." I'm sharpening my pencil re: residuals. Actually it's not a bad idea and I'd be willing to work on the team to get this whole gig published - then Pastor Boaz, et al, could benefit from, as they say downtown, passive income.

    You've got a healthy hike tho, in front of you. Take good care of each other.

  3. Rick & Shane...
    Thanks so much for blogging this trip and sharing the events that have taken place. God is truly great! What a blessing to be on the front lines, watching and doing and living in HIS every moment. — Debi

  4. RB - would like to reestablish contact - C.G. 6164321115 /

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