Friday, February 11, 2011

Kenya on 400 schillings a week

Here are some assorted photos from our safari posted simply to show you examples of life as we've experienced here in Kenya. They're mostly about people, but that is the Kenya we love...BTW 400 Kenyan schillings (Ksh) is about $5 American.

Shane photographed these kids through the window of Joesph's car on the highway to Kisumu. They're trying to steal sugar cane from the truck as it moves down the road.

Here is our friend Pastor Boaz and his wife Helen relaxing before our meal at Pastor Cornell's home in Kisumu.

This kid's parents are both HIV positive and Mama is in denial about her disease. So far she hasn't been tested and put on the government medication program. The symptoms are obvious to Pastor Joesph. Without treatment this child will become another orphan.

Late afternoon at Lake Victoria from the Kisumu Yacht Club (yeah, they have a yacht club...)

Here is Pastor Joesph with our lunch. I think we ate the brown one, but they all look the same stewed.

Four on a Boda Boda at the border...

The fish mongers in the Ahero market...I think Shane is talking to them about fish. The woman is cleaning a "mud fish" (looks like a catfish to me.) This is very near our guest house.

A man working his garden near Kanyipola. Leaning on his hoe as we passed...

Wherever we go the kids come out (or just stare) as the Mzungus drive by...

All dogs in this area of Kenya look the same, "African dogs" they call them. Can you see the African dog in this photo?


  1. Some great photos. And nice narration Rick.

  2. All right, I'll bite, Barnesy. I think the pooch is leaning/lying by the house (front) with a bit of his shadow on the lower part of the wall.

    I expect a participation prize and if victorious, something truly wonderful, not related to chicken. GBY - France

    p.s. I must comment again on both the quality of your photojournalism and your writing. Ahem, are we to get any Tanzania 'we were there' pixs/posts? F

  3. So nice to see Pastor Boaz and his wife Helen, relaxing. Each of these men and women have so incredibly responded to the call of Christ. If we could have half their courage, - just think of what America would be like. Thank you for documenting your experiences. We can vicariously be back there with you. You are always in our prayers - all of you.
    Love, Mary