Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There goes my Gluten free diet

Thursday we will be going to Tanzania so this may be the last post for a day or so...but who knows. So we thought we might explain why we will probably come home a "few" pounds heavier. Everywhere we go we are invited for a meal.

Here we are at Tabitha's home. I'm the camera man, but you can see my empty seat. That's Joesph with his mouth full. On the table you see Ugali (with the knife stuck in it) and to the right is Chapati (kinda of like thick tortillas.) This meal featured rice, beans and "wet chicken". Plenty of carbs!

Here is another meal in another part of the province (Kisumu). Our hosts here are Pastor Cornell and his fiance. The good thing is that we still fit in the clothes we brought...the bad news is there's several days (and several meals) to go.


  1. Well it is good thing you like to eat, do not worry the gym will be here when you get back .. Looking forward to returning home
    Love ya

  2. So beautiful. I take far too much for granted.

  3. We can't wait to have you over for a meal at our new house. It might have to be Chinese but you can still come. Thomas needs to wrestle! We love you and miss you tons. So proud of the work you are doing.
    Love, Aja

  4. So, with all your devotees lauding you O'm less concerned about the gaining girth as the soul state. However, since Shane has Rick and Rick has Shane most of that probably takes care of itself.

    I hope you are spreading your hilarious cheer! GBY-France

    p.s. from Hailey: "I hear there are diamonds in Africa so if you could both brings me some, please. - Your friend Hailey"