Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello from Kenya

Good morning to all our family and friends back home. It is Wednesday morning here which means it is Tuesday evening in Sactown. Want to start off with some good news!! At approximately 8:30 Tuesday evening Samantha Grace Phillips arrived and I am grateful to be blessed with my 9th grandchild. So Mike and Jessica have added a beautiful granddaughter into our lives and I look forward to meeting her when I get back. Yesterday one of the many things we did was go and visit Mama Cecilia to see how she was doing and bring her some food. She was lying in the sun when we got there and stood up on her own to greet us. It is good to see her up and walking this is a big improvement from when we first met her. The pictures you are seeing are of a typical corn grinder in Kenya,  her on her bed and her standing. We took about 75 pounds of corn to be ground and took it to her home. She also has her five grandchildren and her son living with her so this will help them also. The longer we are here the more we learn about the culture. The biggest thing we are becoming aware of is how many people we meet are HIV positive and how many of our new friends have lost loved ones to this disease. We will continue to update you as often as possible and things are going great. The next two weeks are going to be very busy with the things that Boaz and Joseph have planned for us. Thank you for all your prayers.
Your brother in Christ,Shane


  1. Congratulations on a New Grand daughter, sounds like you going to busy when you getting with all the babies..
    So Rick let my Brother rest when needed:) A little Nap never hurt.. Keep up all your great work you two

  2. What an incredible journal of a month you will NEVER forget, and that you'll be blessed for the rest of your days. Come home safely to us.