Saturday, January 29, 2011

A new day in Kenya

Hello family and friends, today was a good day in Kenya with me feeling 100% after being sick for two days from something I must have ate. This morning we went and visited Cecilia and she is improving but has a ways to go. We were then off to Pastor Joseph's church for his feeding program. They normally feed the kids on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but had no food this week until yesterday so they fed the kids today. Rice, beans and a cup of fresh water is what they give the children and I was surprised at how big the portions were and that these little ones could put it all away. It was a joy to see them enjoying life and singing praise songs before they ate. Tabitha is in charge of the feeding program and has gone from living in the dirt to being one of the most involved woman in the church. Her gratitude shines through as I watched her cooking and feeding these kids and loving every minute of it.

Tabitha is wearing the red skirt.

Hard at work digging the new cho.

We were also working on building a cho for Joseph at his church. Last year they told him if he wanted to have school at his building he had to put in a concrete floor, fresh drinking water and a cho(bathroom). He had everything done except the cho but had the twenty foot deep hole dug. So with the help of a few friends we will finish the bathroom before the rain comes and fills the hole with water. It felt good to be working on the cho after having sat on one for two days straight. Tomorrow Rick will will be speaking at Boaz's church and I will be speaking at Samual's church. The house is going good as you will see from Rick's pictures. The trusses are being installed and things are moving along at a good pace. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.

Your brother in Christ, Shane+


  1. Shane and Rick, thanks again for all the updates. It is such a blessing to follow the Touchstone mission in Kenya. Wonderful to hear that Tabitha is overseeing the feeding program. Praying for you. Karen and Jed

  2. Good Morning Brother, Looks and sounds like you and Rick are staying busy. Much love and hugs your way. Miss you brother.

  3. Dude, glad your on the mend. I think that picture of you digging the cho might now be my favorite!

  4. Thanks for everything, guys. This is my 1st time at the computer since Thursday nite. Your pixs & posts make me feel I'm there. We're all praying for ALL of you, each day, including Becker & Spaulding. Unkl-cuzn Larry leaves for Boston Monday evening (late). Enjoy! God is so good to all of us. Your Kenya friends are our friends, also. - France

  5. It was probably the rooster he knew you were making fun of it! I want a transcript of Ricks sermon.

  6. No new post in a couple of days? Whats up
    Miss & Love you sorry you are going to miss the move this weekend
    Love ya

  7. Finally a photo of Shane working! ;-)

    Continuing to pray for you guys.