Thursday, January 6, 2011

Departure and Flight Schedule

Here is a complete flight schedule to and from Kenya for Shane and me:
  • Thursday 1/13 - Leave Sacramento at 9:20am on Alaska Airlines Flight 365, arrive in Seattle at 11:15am
  • Thursday 1/13 - Leave Seattle at 12:45pm on Delta Airlines Flight 232, arrive in Amsterdam at 7:45am on Friday 1/14
  • Friday 1/14 - Leave Amsterdam at 12:45pm on Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) Flight 565, arrive in Nairobi at 8:30pm on Friday 1/14
*** From Nairobi we will be taking an aircraft which has yet to be identified by Shane to Kisumu, Kenya.

Now back from Nairobi...after a flight from Kisumu...
  • Tuesday 2/15 - Leave Nairobi at 10:55pm on Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) Flight 566, arrive in Amsterdam at 5:30am on 1/16
  • Wednesday 2/16 - Leave Amsterdam at 11:00am on Delta Airlines Flight 233, arrive in Seattle at 12:25pm
  • Wednesday 2/16 - Leave Seattle at 3:05pm on Alaska Airlines Flight 374, arrive in Sacramento at 4:50pm

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    1. Re: Sacto return - will be there, Feb 16, 4:50 pm, SMF, to collect you both. - France