Friday, January 14, 2011 last.


After about 23 actual hours in the air and several stops, Shane and I have cleared customs and were delivered to the guest house in Nairobi in which we will stay until this morning. Actually it's 4 am Saturday here...5pm your time (on Friday).

The time difference was made obvious to us as we landed in Amsterdam at 8am yesterday after our departure at 9am the day before...a 23 hour jump ahead in time but really only about 13 hours.

We will be leaving in a couple of hours (6am) for Kisumu and then on to see our friends.

I will add some pictures after I awaken Shane...and I need some coffee anyway...

Sorry, but we had to leave in a hurry for our plane to coffee. Below is a quick photo I made at the Kisumu airport, it was a very simple place to say the least.


  1. james writes, glad you're there and not here, spring like conditions, birds and butterflies, weather never been better, outstanding dinner tonight, hot hot showers, gotta go lay in my goose down mattress and pillow watching tv/cable with cold freash squeezed juice and cheese.