Thursday, January 27, 2011

Widow's Harvest, Miwani, Kenya

Shane asked me to post some pictures from our trip to Pastor Joshua's home. Joshua and Abagail run a 25 acre "compound" (as they say here in Kenya) that includes a big farm, primary school and church. I think they also have an orphanage, though I can't say for sure. Shane has the details, but he went home with a sick tummy...ahhh. So, even though I was there, I didn't really pay attention. These photos are from his camera, so don't blame me...

This is the church...

...and this is Pastor Joshua's house.


  1. Bummer sick tummy's I hope it passes fast no bunt intended.. Shane an rumbling tummy ..Run Rick
    I hope it does not last long.. That is my main prayer that you both stay healthy
    Love , Love

  2. Hey ya'll we made it home. Jetlag and all. We will comment more later. Miss ya'll. Love Marsha and Stewart PS. Stewart had a double bacon burger at Atlanta airport, Mmmmmm Bacon.

  3. Hi Dad,
    I finally figured out how to post a comment on here! Sorry you're not feeling well. We are all doing good here, but we are definitly missing you. Thomas was looking at his birth album yeasterday and pointing you out saying "Papa". nana Mary came over to keep us company and brought Thomas some great tools for digging worms so he's a happy guy. Hunter is the sweetest baby ever and we think he might have blode hair and blue eyes like his Papa. Can't wait for you to see them. Love, Aja

  4. Hope you're feeling better by today which is night for me, I get a little worried about you, and Lisa is right Rick should RUN!!:) So good to hear your voice this morning I love you. Thomas was so cute yesterday looking for worms, maybe he'll be a fisherman;) nest time I'll bring warmer clothes to hang out with him in the dirt, boys love dirt don't they? Hunter as she said is beautiful and does look like he'll be a light haired blue eyed boy, watch out Aja you will have your hands full, they r very cute. So that's all my news other than what we talked about this morning. Stay healthy, we are praying hard for all of you. Love u, Mary
    and yes Shane tell Ricky boy I love him too, My Dad loves you both so be safe!!

  5. Rick & Shane, thanks for the incredible updates. It is such a privilege to watch God in action and working through the two of you. Rick, yeah, I'll give you grief about finally getting a haircut (but not colored?). Shane, hope you're feeling better soon. Praying for you both. — Debi