Thursday, January 27, 2011

Housing update from the Chemelil Baptist compound

It's Thursday and I'm back at the Chemelil Baptist compound after spending yesterday scouting the "Widow's Harvest" in Miwani for another mission team in April. The work on Boaz's house is moving along well, and it is my professional opinion that it will be 99% done when it is our time to leave (February 15th.) So, as an update to you I have a few photos of the "crew" building trusses for the roof structure.

This is Pastor Samuel, our builder commenting to one of his carpenters about the wood. Please note how straight and uniform the boards are...he shouldn't be complaining, this seems to be the standard here.

The crew assembling the roof trusses...

Building trusses, with, yes that's right, a hand saw!

Well it looks like lunch and I have to sign off...I wonder what it might be, chicken?


  1. Rick, there r many ways to cook a chicken and when u get home u can come over and I will make sure to have a chicken dinner with corn bread and of course black tea;) Just so u never ever forget Africa and the food!!:) jk, steak will be on the menu, we r blessed aren't we... Love u, take care of my guy

  2. Awesome job boys, We are truely blessed......Steve & Melody