Friday, January 21, 2011

House project update for January 19th

These are some photos Shane took on Thursday while he actually worked on Boaz's new home. Mysteriously there are none of him working(??). I was in Kisumu at the Baptist seminary working alone and unnoticed.
These workers are assembling the reinforcing steel that will be placed in the forms on top of the brick walls which will form the "rim beam". The Kenyans call it "twisted steel", we call it rebar.
This worker is constructing the forms and placing the twisted steel on the brick walls.
The concrete for the rim beam is mixed by hand on the floor of the house. In the background you can see children at the school Boaz runs.
After the concrete is mixed it is handed up and placed in the the forms with buckets.
Pastor Samuel, the contractor of the project (in the blue shirt), is inspecting forms at the building site.

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