Friday, January 21, 2011


Although we have had trouble connecting to the internet, I have nothing but praise for our provider, Safaricom. Boaz has a USB cellular broadband modem which generally works well, but sometimes the network does get overloaded and we have issues. The problem is that we usually are trying to use the network at it's busiest time. It's just the way it is...after all we are in "bush" country.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you come to Kenya on a mission don't worry about the toilet paper, bring a laptop!

In the area we in which we are working everyone has a cell phone, they may live in a mud walled house with no electricity and outdoor toilets, but they have a cell phone. And the amazing thing is the phone service is extremely good and cheap. I mean it is cheap with no dropped calls. We have a local service phone that was loaned to us for the duration of our visit by Phil Johnsey from Church Missions Network, another mission group which works with Boaz. We have been calling the "states" for less than a dollar per hour of talk time...AT&T offered me their best iPhone deal for about 4 dollars a minute.

When I get back home I will drop AT&T and switch to Safaricom immediately.

BTW...this is a quick post while I go through several days worth of images from 3 different cameras...and (don't tell Shane) I just lost a day's full of pictures due to a slight malfunction of the anti-virus software on Boaz's PC

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