Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to our blog...

This is the first post for our blog about the Touchstone Christian Fellowship's mission to Kenya in 2011. On the morning of Thursday, January 13th at 9:20 am Shane and I will depart from Sacramento Metro Airport for Chemelil, Kenya. Once there, we will be working with Pastor Boaz Omugah to construct a new home for his family and him. 

This blog will be the main media contact between the mission and our friends in the US. Please feel free to add your comments as we share our stories and upload pictures of our experiences. You can follow our trip by clicking on the "Follow" widget to the right. All of your our words and prayers will be appreciated.

If we are lucky the new home may closely resemble this drawing...

You can view a video of Pastor Boaz speaking at Touchstone on November 14th, last year by following this link

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