Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mama Cecelia

These are a few pictures of our time with Mama Cecelia...

Doctor Joesph checking Mama Cecelia's blood pressure and heart rate at her home. Just try to get a doctor to make a house call in Sacramento, much less rural Kenya. Doctor Joesph is a christian doctor from Awasi who donated his time and rode on the back of a motorcycle several miles on a dirt road to meet us at Cecelia's home.

Doctor Joesph administering medicine to Mama Cecelia for Typhoid Fever. The effects of Malaria will always be with her. Malaria is naturally a problem in this region and the sugar cane fields add to the threat.
In this photo Pastor Joesph and Doctor Joesph are starting to burn Mama Cecelia's old bedding. Besides having been "soiled" from her chronic diarrhea it was infested with bedbugs.
Mama Cecelia resting on her new bed. Thank you Touchstone family, God is good!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this story, Rick. You are helping all of us "be there" with you guys. And, thank the Lord for His goodness to Cecelia.

  2. Wow, really thankful for this blog! Continuing to pray for you guys. I know they were hassling you Shane but I love the pic of you with the kids! Keep it up. I'd like to see a pic or two of Rick. Come on Shane! Love you guys and praying. So thankful! Sharon

  3. Brother love following your journey , be safe love ya

  4. Ricky & Shane (R & S) & Pastor Boaz & everyone - we follow your postings w/ joy & excitement & lots of prayers for all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    R & S - your new friends are our friends. Please bring them to dinner any Thursday nite, 6pm, Sacramento time - remember, call Wednesday, so we have a head count, for supplies. Our Lord provides for ALL of our needs and a great many of our wants! Meanwhile, we pray unceasingly. PTL
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    - The Swan House Thursday nite 'regulars'- Ben & Sharon and Harley, Willow & Irish; Suzanne J; Chris McM; Harry Perzyk, Kat w/ a K;
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    (sent by France, 9:06am Thursday, 20 January 2011, Sac time - does that make it 8:06 or 10:06pm, Kenya time? - plz answer! it helps us!

    p.s. tonite's menu (final edition):

    baked herbed chicken, fresh steamed asparagus w/ rosemary/neufchatel butter, baked Japanese yams (white ish inside, not orange ish), baked onions. Pineapple upside down cornbread for dessert.

    milk, water, coffee & sissy tea

    clubhouse conversation follows (Swan House version of a 'prayer meeting') - France

    Ricky - What is this "select a profile"? I'm picking google account because I trust all things google. Is that correct? plx advise - send to my email, if possible. Thnx - F.