Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A typical day in Kenya...

I want to thank the Lord first for He is good. Next I want to thank the TCF family for their generosity which helped to save a life today. We will post some pictures of mama Cecilia showing her old sleeping place and her on her new bed and pillow. Doctor Joseph came and helped her and gave shots and medicine for typhoid and malaria. He said she would not have lived another week due to the dehydration from the chronic diarrhea. Now she should be doing much better in a few weeks. We were able to get her a case of water, 25 lbs. of rice, 25 lbs. of beans, bread and bananas. It is because of God's goodness that pastor Joseph just happened to see her and the Lord was able to minister to her.

Next I would like to address the posts by Pastor Jeff and Deacon Jed Lynch my faithful friend. I have specifically asked to not have pictures taken of me doing all the work because in my humbleness I do not want to look like a glory hound. So I purposely stopped working for the photo shoot......your brother in Christ, Shane.


  1. Elder Tiller, Your humility and selflessness are overwhelming. If Rick tried to capture photos of you working, he wouldn't have time for anything else.


  2. Oh brother, and I mean "OH BROTHER" your last comments had me belly laughing. It was great to hear your voice. Please call me anytime (nobody else answers) I don't mind be 2nd to your your wife! Love you

  3. sorry I just missed your call , I was coloring my hair . I do not want to go GREY people might think Ree an I are twins..Please call any time now I know the # & will answer it day or night
    Love YOU keep safe & make a difference