Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photos of our project

Shane and I were picked up at the Kisumu airport by Pastor Boaz and are now at his home. I have the laptop setup outside the door of his home and the sound of children playing at his school is in the background. The weather is perfect.

Here are some photos:

Shane and Boaz in downtown Kisumu.

Some photos of Boaz's new home (much has already been done). That's Shane near the center of the photo introducing himself to a worker.

Here you can see another angle of the job including the "scaffolding" that I was standing on and from which I took these two photos (in sandals). You can also see a little of the surrounding area in the background.


  1. Amazing! What a thrill to see so much progress already. God is good.

  2. Shane and Rick, that doesn't look anything like the house we designed. I thought we called for purple bricks on the plans. ;-)

  3. Whoa!! I can't believe how far Boaz and Helen's house has come! God is so good even giving you guys nice summer weather;) Love you both, Shane just a tad more;), Rick did you set my Dad up on this blog? He'll want to see everything, he might as well go ahead and adopt you, loves you alot. We are all praying and can't wait to see what God does next.

  4. Give my brothers a hug for me! Wish I was there dancing in the worship! Especially give Alex and Zilpa a hug.

  5. You guys are my heros!!! Rick, the mirror in the upstairs bath fell down and broke the light fixture and gouged the newly painted wall!! JK!!!!

  6. Hi Brother, looks like your having a great time. Rick this web site is amazing and I LOVE your comments, what a gift. FYI Shane's other name is "Buffalo Head"