Friday, January 21, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday in Kenya

Hello TCF family and thank you for your prayers. Yesterday we went and visited Cecilia with the doctor and she had improved a little bit. The next door neighbor came to say hello. He and his wife are in their early 20s and both are HIV positive and he recently lost his sight. They have three children, please keep them in your prayers. This is the type of story you hear everywhere we go. Today Boaz took Rick to Kisumu to the seminary and he got all the computers and printers working for them. I am grateful for his knowledge in this area I don't even know how to sign on to the blog. Tomorrow we are going to the island of Suba in Lake Victoria with Pastor Boaz to do something for Pastor Peter. The PC can be very slow and some days we don't get a connection but we will try daily to update you. Today I "worked" on the house and the progress is going great. We will download some pictures tomorrow so you can see what is being done. Me and Rick recognize daily that without the Lord and the family back at TCF we would not be here helping.

Your brother in Christ,

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