Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The return to Tabitha's

Hello to all our friends at home. It is another beautiful day in Kenya and Rick I are privileged to be here representing our Touchstone family. Today we returned to the house we built for Tabitha and visited her and her family. We picked up a couple of chickens yesterday and today one of them was having a great day until Tabitha slit its throat and we ate it for lunch. Rice, ugali and chicken was the lunch of choice. Tabitha asked us to say hello to everyone who was there last year and remembered everyone by name.

This is Tabitha cooking the deceased rooster in the kitchen Shaun built for her last year.

Our friends that we met from Mississippi left today to go home. They said they have never met Christian men like us and that they will never be the same. So our question to our friends is, do you think this was a compliment? Tomorrow we are traveling to Pastor Joshua's and Abagail's to take pictures and gather some info for the team who is going there in April. We are at the house and the project is going well. Remember the house?? If all goes well we should start putting up the trusses on Monday. Keep us in your prayers we never know what God has planned for us each day but we are doing good in health and in spirit this day and for that we thank God for His goodness. We have had 2 funerals in 3 days and Rick will share with you his experience with that. If you did not know it was a funeral you would think you stumbled upon a worship service with all the singing.
Your brother in Christ, Shane


  1. Good Morning Brother
    Sounds like another successful day, got to see your grand Babies yesterday they are doing good. Aja said she missed your calls keep trying she love to talk to her daddy. She is very proud of you ..Keep up the Gods work & we will be waiting for you to come home
    Love ya BIG

  2. Ah poor chicken.... Lucky you, Rick, and Tabatha's family. Sounds like wonderful family time. You guys are amazing. Love you.

  3. It made our day to see the joy of the Lord is shining in Tabitha's face. She is a beautiful sister in Christ. God's timing is always good, as our small group will be looking at Tabitha in Acts 9 tonight. Thank you both again for your faithfulness in serving as well as your consistency with the blog posts. Regarding your question about if the person who said that "they had never seen Christian men like us" meant it as a compliment; I will withhold comment until you two return, as I have no desire to "take the wind out of your sails." Jed

  4. It was sooo beautiful to see you reunited with Tabitha, her "big white Elephant"!! We miss you so much here but are happy that Boaz's house is being built and all the things that God is showing you and us. (we miss u too Rick), I love you, tell Boaz I will see him one day, and about that chicken... love you Mary

  5. I think it was definitely a compliment! Jackson has really been enjoying reading your updates - he especially liked your tale of how the chicken was having a great day pre-neck-slitting! :) He says to tell you he will still call you Big Elephant once you get home! We're praying for you guys! Mike, Jessica & kids