Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your servant...and blogmeister

There have been several requests for a photo of me...maybe to prove I am actually here? Trust me I am here (he says slapping another mosquito)...working as you see in this pic, in front of Boaz's house...or as I am now on my bed under a mosquito net. After going over many photos of me here in Kenya I have agreed to upload this one. Most of them create an optical illusion which makes my head look small and my body look big (Shane says that's no illussion.)

So now you have proof...but usually I am behind the point and shoot camera documenting our safari.

Oh, yeah, Tabitha called Shane her "huge" elephant, not her "big" elephant.


  1. It's good to see you at your "post" Rick!! Thanks for keeping such a great blog and for being Shane's roomie, yes the stories will be passed down...hard to forget:)
    Tsk Tsk, stop calling my husband "Huge Elephant" be nice and tell him the same!! Love you guys, Send my Love to all, Love Mary

  2. That was not a very good pic of Rick, we want close ups.. It was nice to hear your voice last night brother I slept well knowing you are safe
    Keep doing your amazing journey
    Love ya Big
    littlesis 6

  3. Good Morning "HUGE" Elephant and Rick. Thanks for the picture Rick we were getting worried you might have been eaten (I'm not saying by what or who) Keep up the wonderful work you two are amazing. Lots of Love and hugs.

  4. Good to 'see' you. You are all in my thoughts and my prayers!!!

  5. Even tho it's actually almost 10 pm Sunday nite 30 Jan 2011, I am actually reviewing ALL your postings & comments.
    - Yes - better pix of blogmeister - close-up
    That pix in front of the house could be anyone ...
    - How about more recipes?
    - Are you doing any construction work, or just supervising?
    - what's the status of sharing your prodigious computer talents?
    - do you remember us shivering cold in the winter rain or overcast or bright icy sparkle?
    We are all so proud of you and bid elephant. When are you going to tell us your Kenyan nickname?
    Thanx for your call. It means a lot to the troops here.
    Keep up the love in action. You two R the best.- France